Thursday Scouthouse Contras
Summer 2016

Location: The Concord Scout House, 74 Walden St., Concord, MA
7:30pm-10:30pm -- $10 ($5 for people 22 and under)
Please bring soft-soled shoes! Info: (617) 299-1590 (leave a message; we'll call back)
This dance is sponsored by NEFFA
Watch contra dance videos! Video #1 Video #2
We will cancel the dance if we feel that weather conditions would make for unsafe travel.
No animals (other than service animals) are allowed in the building.

Check the NEFFA homepage for weather-related notices

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June 2016
2Beth Parkes with Glen Loper, Emily Troll and Max Newman
9Linda Leslie and House on Fire (Carol Bittenson, Max Newman and Roberta Sutter)
16Lisa Greenleaf and JEMS (Jaime Oshims, Ed Howe, Matt Kenney and Stuart Kenney)
23Emily Abel and ContraForce (Joey Dorwart, Andrae Raffield and Jimi Periano)
It's Contra Prom nightt: a dancer-organized opportunity to dress up (if you wish!), dance, and have enormous fun!
30Elixir (Nils Fredland, Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Jesse Readlynn, Anna Patton and Owen Morrison)

7Eric Black and The Long Pond Rounders (Corey Walters, Jonah Sidman, Ross Harriss, Doug Schaefer and Michael Friedman)
14Dereck Kalish with Emerald Rae, Max Newman and Stuart Kenney
21Ron T Blechner and Sassafras Stomp (Johanna Davis and Adam Nordell)
28Dan Pearl and DownCellar (Cedar Stanistreet, Marko Packard and Corey DiMario)

4Sue Rosen with Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Anna Patton and Bruce Rosen
11Ben Sachs-Hamilton with Eden MacAdams-Somer and friends
18Lisa Greenleaf and The Moving Violations (Van Kaynor, Ron Grosslein and Eric Eid-Reiner)
25Steve Zakon-Anderson and Atlantic Crossing (Viveka Fox, Peter Macfarlane, Tristan Henderson and Rick Klein)

1Linda Leslie and Maivish (Jaige Trudel, Cedar Stanistreet and Adam Broome)
8Dugan Murphy and Buddy System (Noah VanNorstrand and Julie Vallimont)
15Bill Olson and T-Acadie (Pam Weeks, Jim Joseph and Bill Olson)
22Michael Karcher and Seaglass (Rachel Bell, Eileen Nicholson and Andrew VanNorstrand)
29Angela DeCarlis and Pizzazz (Audrey Knuth, Rachel Panitch, Joe DePaolo and Larry Unger)

New England Folk Festival Association.