Thursday Scouthouse Contras
Fall 2015

Location: The Concord Scout House, 74 Walden St., Concord, MA
7:30pm-10:30pm -- $8 ($5 for people 22 and under)
Please bring soft-soled shoes! Info: (617) 299-1590 (leave a message; we'll call back)
This dance is sponsored by NEFFA
Watch contra dance videos! Video #1 Video #2
We will cancel the dance if we feel that weather conditions would make for unsafe travel.
No animals (other than service animals) are allowed in the building.

Check the NEFFA homepage for weather-related notices

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September 2015
3Dave Eisenstadter with Aldo Lavaggi, Ari Friedman and Julie Vallimont
10Bill Olson and T-Acadie (Pam Weeks, Jim Joseph, Bill Olson and Alan Bradbury)
17Don Veino and Coracree (Jane Rothfield, Bill Quern, Sarah Gowan and Allan Carr)
24Will Mentor and JEMS (Edward Howe, Jamie Oshima, Stuart Kenney and Matt Kenney)

1Tony Parkes with Donna Hébert, Max Cohen and Julie Vallimont
8George Marshall and The Clayfoot Strutters (Pete Sutherland, Jeremiah McLane, Lee Blackwell, Mark Roberts, Peter Davis, Harry Aceto and Oliver Scanlon)
It's the *full* Strutters band: a rare and exciting treat!
15Rachel Wallace and Agnostic Fiddle Insurgency (Edward Wallace, Julie Metcalf, Cedar Stanistreet and Max Newman)
22Thursday Night Contra Anniversary Dance (multi caller) with The Moving Violations (Van Kaynor, Ron Grosslein and Eric Eid-Reiner)
Help us celebrate the big two-five with free admission and special refreshments!
29Steve Zakon-Anderson and Maivish (Jaige Trudel, Adam Broome and Matthew Olwell)

5Sue Rosen and Riptide (Glen Loper, Alden Robinson and Owen Marshall)
12Dereck Kalish and The Gaslight Tinkers (Peter Siegel, Audrey Knuth, Garrett Sawyer and Dave Noonan)
19Lisa Greenleaf and Les Z Boys (Dave Langford, Peter Siegel and Peter Barnes)
26No Dance at the Scout House tonight. Happy Thanksgiving!

3Linda Leslie and Night Watch (Naomi Morse, Owen Morrison and Jeremiah McLane)
10Dan Pearl and The Dead Sea Squirrels (Cathy Mason, Craig Edwards and Henry Yoshimura)
17Nils Fredland and Nor'easter (Cedar Stanistreet, Max Newman and Julie Vallimont)
Our last dance before our holiday break! Next dance Jan 7, 2016!
24No Dance at the Scout House tonight. Happy Holidays!
31No Dance at the Scout House tonight. Happy New Year!

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