NEFFA Festival 2023 Advance Ticket Sales – OBSOLETE

NEFFA Advance Ticket Sales 2023 OBSOLETE
Thank you for purchasing your tickets in advance! Nothing will be mailed to you; you simply come to the ticket table at the Festival and your name will be on a list of those who have paid. Optionally you can print the confirmation email and bring it along to the Festival; it may speed up your check-in time.

Adult (25-64) $20 $35/$30 Member $95/$80 Member
Senior (65+) $15 $30/$25 Member $80/$65 Member
Young Adult (18-24) $15 $25 $70
Youth (9-17) $10 $10 $25
Child (0-8) Free Free Free
Session Program Doors open
Friday, April 21 7:00-11:30pm 6:00pm
Saturday, April 22 10:00am-5:30pm 9:00am
4:00pm-11:30pm N/A
Sunday, April 23 10:00am-5:30pm 9:00am

Payment must be done via PayPal or by credit card.  You'll be presented with the choice on the next page.

Read the Festival COVID-19 policy before you purchase advance tickets. Please consider uploading your COVID card (securely) using this link to save time checking into the Festival.

Are you a NEFFA member? Membership benefits are described here; if you join now, you can pay the reduced Member rates for the Festival! If you're not sure of your membership status, send email to

All-Festival Tickets

Non-Member: Adult (25-64): $95.00

Member: Adult (25-64): $80.00

Non-Member: Senior (65+): $80.00

Member: Senior (65+): $65.00

Young Adult (18-24): $70.00

Youth (9-17): $25.00

Single Session - Friday

Adult (25-64): $20.00

Senior (65+): $15.00

Young Adult (18-24): $15.00

Youth (9-17): $10.00

Single Session - Sat day, Sat eve, Sunday

Non-Member Adult (25-64): $35.00

Member Adult (25-64): $30.00

Non-Member Senior (65+): $30.00

Member Senior (65+): $25.00

Young Adult (18-24): $25.00

Youth (9-17): $10.00

Are you willing to help NEFFA a little by paying the PayPal/credit card transaction fee?