COVID Cases Reported After NEFFA 2023

Below are cases of COVID or symptoms reported by people who attended NEFFA 2023.

Approx date of onset/positive test Activities Details Name (optional)
April 24, 2023

Not provided

I tested positive on Monday after attending all three days of neffa. I felt and currently feel no symptoms and I masked all neffa, but I wanted to let you know. I took a pcr test on Monday it came back positive on Tuesday.

Not provided
April 26, 2023

Not provided

I tested positive for covid yesterday afternoon. I tested negative on Friday before coming.

Not provided
April 26, 2024

Not provided

I just got an automatic notification that someone I was near on April 21 and 22nd has tested positive for Covid. I tested negative today with a home test and I am asymptomatic.

Not provided
4/26/2023 Wednesday evening

Zdravets Bulgarian Dance Party, Cambridge Folk Orchestra International Dance, Riveting Russian Returns Chorus, Pinewoods Band International Party, Sladka International Party, Neffarious Goats Balkan Party, Zornitsa Bulgarian Party, random jamming in the hotel courtyard/atrium

mostly head cold with cough, rundown feeling

David Skidmore