Steve Zakon-Anderson as featured caller at Ralph Page Weekend, 2018

We are pleased to have STEVE ZAKON-ANDERSON as a featured caller at the RALPH PAGE WEEKEND, January 12-14, 2018.

In 1980, Steve walked into his first contra dance, in Francestown, NH, not knowing that it would change his life! He started calling three years after that and has now danced, called, organized, and taught contra dances for over 35 years.

Steve is appreciated by dancers for his skill at programming the right dances for the hall, for his clear and efficient teaching and for his sense of humor, and is appreciated by bands for his considerate weaving of his calling with the music. Steve truly enjoys the role of facilitator aiding the wonderful connection between the music on the stage and the dancers on the floor. Steve has also written over 30 contemporary contra dances, many of which are used by callers around the country.

Over almost 30 years Steve called monthly with Bob McQuillen in Peterborough NH, working with the bands New England Tradition and Old New England plus countless other musicians who were always thrilled to come and play a dance with Mr Mac. Steve greatly appreciates that he was able to attend two contra dances called by Ralph Page before he passed away, and since then has attended the Ralph Page Legacy weekend numerous times. Among the tunes that Bob wrote for Steve are “Zakon’s Reel”, in book 7, and “A to Z Waltz” in book 11.

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