Ralph Page Dance Weekend,  2018

It’s going to be one exciting weekend at the
RALPH PAGE DANCE WEEKEND on January 12-14, 2018 with:


  • Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy, Andy Davis,
  • Julie Metcalf, Conor Sleith
  • West coast musicians, Cathie Whitesides, Laurie Andres
  • Sugar River String Band (Jane & Russell Orzechowski and Sarah Bauhan)


  • Mary DesRosiers
  • Lisa Greenleaf
  • Steve Zakon-Anderson

New this year, a hambo tune-up mini sessions led by Andy Taylor-Blenis. Your feet will be very happy.
If you wish to register for the Ralph Page Dance Weekend online: http://ralphpage.neffa.org/registration-online.html
If you plan to use work exchange to receive a reduced price, DO NOT register here. Instead, follow instruction on the work exchange page or the registration page.