NEFFA 2023 Festival COVID-19 Policy

With the aim of protecting the health and safety of all NEFFA participants (audience members, performers, volunteers, and vendors), we invite you to join us for our in-person Festival at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center, with the Covid-19 policies below in force. Please note that these policies are subject to change as the event nears, so please watch this page for updates. (We do not expect policies to become substantially less cautious.)

  1. All participants (including performers, volunteers, vendors, etc.) must provide proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 within the last 12 months. Full vaccination includes having received at least one booster dose if you are eligible for one according to CDC guidelines. Proof may be provided by showing one’s physical CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card, a photo of one’s card, or a digital vaccine record. Individuals who are unable to be vaccinated may request a review from our Ombudsman, but we expect few exceptions. (Review of your vaccination documentation in advance of the Festival is highly recommended.)
  2. Participants must be masked at all times indoors.
    1. High quality masks are required: N-95, KN-95 or KF-94 (no surgical masks, cloth masks, gaiters, etc.).  Masks must be worn correctly (to cover nose, mouth, and chin).
    2. In restaurant areas, participants may remove masks when seated at a table. 
    3. Masks may be lowered briefly to drink water.
    4. Callers/singers may wear a surgical mask for calling/singing, but then please switch to better protection when off stage. Wind players please contact president AT neffa DOT org ahead of time; after checking with your bandmates, we would most likely require same-day testing if you can’t wear a mask.
  3. Purchase of a ticket, or attendance as a performer, volunteer, vendor, etc. constitutes a waiver of liability and acceptance of personal risk.
  4. Access to Festival spaces will be limited to those demonstrating appropriate registration (e.g. wristbands or tickets). 
  5. We recommend Covid testing (PCR within 24 hours or daily antigen) for all participants, but it is not required. 
  6. If you feel unwell at all or if you have a positive result on a Covid test, please do not attend. 

Regrettably, out of concern for everyone’s safety, children who for whatever reason are unable to remain appropriately masked as described above, including those two years of age or younger, are not permitted to attend this year’s Festival.

Please be advised that the ticket purchaser is responsible for informing all members of their party about these requirements.