NEFFA Virtual Pub Sing

Calling All NEFFA Singers!


You know about the NEFFA Massive Async Jam (if you don’t, click here). Just as a reminder, the Async Jam DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, AT 11:59pm!

If you love to sing along, we’ve got you covered with the NEFFA Virtual Pub Sing. We’ve chosen the “anthemic” Copper Family song Thousands or More  for its timeless simplicity, its resonant harmonies, and its eminently singable chorus. This might be an old favorite for you, or you might be new to the song, but just singing it will make the last verse come true!

Although I’m not rich and although I’m not poor

I’m as happy as those that’s got thousands or more,

Thousands or more, thousands or more, thousands or more,

I’m as happy as those that’s got thousands or more.

In this Google Drive folder, you’ll find sheet music and recordings you can sing along with.

We’re also organizing a special Zoom rehearsal/gathering to learn the parts and give recording pointers and tips:

Thursday, February 10th at 7pm to 8.30pm. 

Register in advance for this meeting:

Register here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please select and practice a part before recording: either melody, high, mid or low. If you feel confident enough, please feel free to make your own part, just be sure it works alongside the full mix guide. Want to do more than one part? Go for it! Now’s your chance to sing all the harmonies together.

So, here’s what you need to participate:

  • The Guide tracks These are what you will sing along with. Select which guide track best suits you. In the folder you will find a Full Mix (a general mix of all parts together) plus guides with each of the four parts brought to the front so you may sing along most easily with your chosen part. There are also all these guides with an added click track if you prefer.

  • Wired earphones to hear the guide track (we recommend “wired,” but if you use “wireless”, test the connection to make sure there is no delay – we have found that Airpods work best). 

  • Computer or tablet to play the guide track. 

  • Separate device to record yourself (smartphone or tablet recommended). Make sure your videos are in landscape orientation, not portrait!

  • Printed copy of the music, if you have not memorized the song. If you can, memorize the song so you can just enjoy singing. 

  • Tripod, music stand, or other method for holding your recording device and/or music/lyrics

To start recording, please press record on your device first, then press Play on the guide track. When you hear the counting start, please join in with it.

Try to make sure there is as little background noise as possible in your video! But do the best you can, and we’ll be happy with whatever you give us.

Upload your videos using this form by FRIDAY, MARCH 4, AT 11:59pm!

We will play the resulting Virtual Pub Sing video at the Festival for everyone to sing along from home. Please send us your voice so you can be heard!

Thank you everyone, and see you soon,

Alex Cumming
NEFFA Virtual Pub Sing

Lynn Noel
NEFFA Program Chair