34th Annual Ralph Page Jan. 2022

Photo by Dave Bateman

“The Essence of the Past Driving the Spirit of the Future”

The committee has decided that the uncertainty of being able to definitively plan an in-person event of January 2022 and the rush of time marching onward makes it clear that we once again need to hold an online event..

We recognize that it is important that we gather. Anyone who attended the NEFFA Festival online knows that running the social chat cafeteria, alongside the programs, was much appreciated and great fun. We have some ideas to make this event unique.

Looking forward to another year: RP 2023 holds a very special place in our hearts already. Both Ralph Page and Mac (Bob McQuillen) have significant birthdays, Ralph was born in 1903 and Mac in 1923. We will need to celebrate both these amazing men and the legacy that they helped mold and we carry on today.

Please be safe. We miss you and certainly miss dancing with you.

RP committee

Meanwhile, Please take one more look at the videos and online programs we did this year.

33rd Annual Ralph Page - A Virtual Event (Jan 17, 2021)

Building the Tradition (March 28, 2021)