Ralph Page Virtual Event January 16, 2022

Ralph Page Virtual Event, January 2022, was a huge success!

Thank you for your support!

Session videos are available here.

Ralph Page Virtual Event

“The Essence of the Past Driving the Spirit of the Future”

Our theme this year is “Keeping the Flame Alive”! Let’s talk about sharing the dance and music that we love.
Our performers were chosen this year because of their background in the New England tradition and their outreach beyond the folk community, especially into the elementary schools.

Event Basics

When & Where: Sunday January 16th, 2-4:30 PM (EST) Online via Zoom link. Doors open 1:45 to say hello.

Performers: George Wilson & Selma Kaplan, Andy Davis, Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon, Mary Cay Brass Tony Parkes.

Schedule and performer Info: See below

Registration:  Click Here

Cost:  The event is free and open to all who register but donations are needed and welcomed. Your donation will support the production of the event and our scholarships.  Donate HERE

Scholarships:  In step with our theme this year we are offering four scholarships to leaders and musicians. They would do outreach through schools, community centers. and local events, with the aim of sharing their knowledge and passion of traditional music, song or dance.
Application details here.

Your Video Memories:  This year we are inviting Ralph Pagers to submit a short video reflection on what RPDW has meant to them.   Details below.

Questions:  Contact us.  info@ralphpage.neffa.org


Schedule and Performer Info

Living the Tradition: George Wilson & Selma Kaplan
George Wilson has been a commanding presence on the greater New England dance scene and a frequent performer at Ralph Page Dance Weekend over the years.  George samples a wide variety of traditional and folk styles—tunes from New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland, Ireland, and Shetland. His dynamic fiddling, strongly influenced by Cape Breton and French-Canadian styles, has amazed contra dancers and concert-goers since the late 1970s. Selma Kaplan is an accomplished pianist, composer, and arranger, and one of the East Coast’s foremost requested dance musicians, George and Selma will share some classic New England tunes along with stories from their musical associations over the years, including a tribute to David Kaynor, with whom George enjoyed a close musical relationship.

Keeping the Spirit of Ralph Alive: New England Dancing Masters: Andy Davis, Peter Amidon, Mary Alice Amidon, Mary Cay Brass https://dancingmasters.com
Andy, Peter, Mary Cay, and Mary Alice will describe some of the extraordinary work they have done to  promote traditional dance to school groups and educators. They’ll include some video footage of them teaching and/or leading dancing with children and communities, talk about the impact of their materials and traditional dance workshops on elementary school music teachers across the U.S. over the last thirty years, and help us see how we can promote the spirit of Ralph Page within our own communities.  In the process, they will share some tunes and call a dance or two.

Squaring the Line: Tony Parkes, a Conversation on the Art and Craft of Squares
Tony Parkes, who has literally written the book about square dance calling, will demystify the process for the rest of us.  Tony will explain the art of square dance calling and help dancers appreciate its place in the contra world. There’ll be plenty of time to ask Tony questions in this interactive session. He has been a frequent participant, caller and leader at the weekend, and leader of the Saturday Night Grand March (dressing up for his presentation is optional).

Keeping Moneymusk Alive and Thriving
Join us at home in dancing Moneymusk followed by a waltz


Scholarship Information and How to Apply

The 34nd Annual Ralph Page Dance Weekend takes place January 16, 2022 on Zoom.   In step with our theme this year we are pleased to offer 4 scholarships to leaders and musicians who are willing to spread their knowledge and passion of traditional music, song or dance.

We envision outreach through schools, community centers, town events - any local community event, with the aim to bring the elemental joy of music and dance to others. We believe that engaging with young people is an important component of this scholarship.

The successful applicant has had some experience, but is looking to go to the next level.   We encourage seasoned callers/leaders/musicians to nominate someone they have mentored….

Each of the 4 scholarship participants awarded will receive:
● $450.00 to spend in furthering their skill set
● a 1 hour conference with New England Dancing Masters and $50 credit towards materials from their website (https://dancingmasters.com/shop/)
● Required to attend the RP event on Zoom Jan. 16, 2022 at 2-5 PM (EST)
● Required to provide a brief written self-reflection regarding what you did with the scholarship.

Please send the following information clearly and completely to scholarship@ralphpage.neffa.org

Applicant’s Name
Mailing Address
Cell number
Home number
Best way to contact you
Are you applying as a MUSICIAN or LEADER?

1. Describe your interest/involvement so far in teaching/leading community events. (When did you start dancing, playing an instrument, calling, etc)
2. How have you prepared yourself? (ie. books, videos, mentored by someone)
3. Provide us with an example of an event you have done.
4. Future plans?

Please send the completed application before January 10, 2022 to: (Must be received by January 10, 2022, 11:59 PM (EST). We will notify all applicants of our decision by email by January 12th.

Questions? Write to scholarship@ralphpage.neffa.org

Thanks for your interest, we love hearing about what you have done and hope to encourage you.


Your Video Memories and How to Apply

This year we are inviting Ralph Pagers to remind each other what has drawn us back to RPDW over the years.  And we are doing that by asking you to consider submitting a 30-60 second video, using your cellphone, to tell us

  • what RPDW has meant to you
  • about a memorable moment from RPDW’s past
  • or about personal encounters, performances, or even dances at RPDW that were especially meaningful to you.

Just record your 30-60 second response and send it to Info@ralphpage.neffa.org.  We will share some of these video reflections during our January gathering.  (Note that your submission implies permission to use your video in the RP program or for publicity purposes).

Let us know what RPDW has meant to you!—and join us on January 16.