Ralph Page Work Exchange

The Work-Exchange program provides for a much reduced rate for the weekend program in exchange for about 4 to 6 hours of help. The jobs include helping in the setup of the facility on Friday afternoon, cleanup on Sunday afternoon, floor sweeping between dance sessions and manning the welcome / information tables. There are about a dozen slots available. Acceptance is quasi-first come, but with preference given to people that have done the jobs in the recent past and the needs of the weekend.

Most of the slots are for the welcome / information table; however, Friday afternoon setup also has a high priority.

There will be an orientation session for all work exchange volunteers just before the Friday evening dance.

For more information email info@ralphpage.neffa.org.

Include you answers to the following questions. Your answers will be used to schedule your work assignment(s). Final selections will be based on the job needs and your restrictions and experience. We will try to accommodate your requests for job and time assignments; but sometimes the schedule does not permit that flexibility.

Questions for Work Exchange Volunteers.

  1. Which of the following jobs are you WILLING TO DO?
    • sweeping dance floor?
    • sitting at registration / information table during lunch times?
    • sitting at registration / information table during banquet (Sat. evening)?
    • clean up at 4PM, after the final session on Sunday.
  2. Could you arrive early Friday to help set up?
  3. If yes, what time can you could show up: between 3 and 7 PM)?
  4. Have you worked at RPDLW before ? What year(s) and do you remember what jobs?
  5. Please indicate any other preferences or restrictions, and I will do my best to accommodate.
  6. Finally, please list your general preferences by session time or other constraints.

When the performance schedule is fixed and available; you will have the option to put in requests for specific times before I finalize the work schedule.

For more information email info@ralphpage.neffa.org.

We generally have a waiting list, so applications are handled in this manner: A registration with application fee included will be added to the work exchange list on the date it is received. An email / personal contact or phone request gets a temporary position on the list. You then have 10 “business” days to submit your registration form & check. The temporary position on the list is lost if the registration form is not received on time. Your place on the list will then be the order of reception of the form and fee.

Thank you for your interest and help,
Tod Whittemore
Ralph Page Dance Weekend Chair

Old New England, with Deanna Stiles, Bob McQuillen, and Jane Orzechowski.