Music & dance scholarships are available for aspiring dance musicians and callers.

Scholarship Form
Sunday Open Mic Callers Form

In addition, there is an “Open Mic” on Sunday morning that new callers can use to practice theri skills, and to get an assessment from a staff caller. If you wish to call a dance at the open mic, fill out the form, and bring it to the RPLW with you to leave at the registration desk.

There are few requirements for the scholarships. We’d like to award scholarships to people who are learning to call dances, or to play dance music, but have not yet become an accomplished caller or dance musician. The ideal applicant is a caller or musicans who has some experience calling or playing for dances, but is interested in furthering their study, and learning from experienced callers and musicans at the Ralph Page Weekend.

All scholarship winners will be expected to write an account of their experiences at the weekend, to be sent to Sandy Lafleur after the weekend is over.

Those who wish to apply for a Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend scholarship should fill out this Scholarship Form and send it to Sandy Lafleur, PO Box 877, Wilton, NH 03086. Notice that the form can be filled out online and printed to mail, but two questions must be answered separately, as well. If you have questions contact Sandy at 603-654-1245 or by email at,

Be sure to return your scholarship request in time to put it in Sandy’s hands by Dec. 2, 2017!

Here’s what a few past RPDW scholarship winners said about their weekend with the Ralph Page performers and dancers:

“I was honored and thrilled to receive a scholarship as a musician and had as absolute blast watching and listening to the many different performers and comparing the myriad of different styles presented through the course of each day.

I was able to talk to many of the musicians and was able to listen to stories of past dances, musicians and callers. Hearing all of those stories truly fleshed out the experience for me. The history formed a background, a well of inspiration and knowledge, that has shifted and deepened my love and appreciation for the art of contra dance.” – Samantha Allman, Musician

There is no better way to convince your parents that you really want something than spending your evening filling out forms, writing up essays and addressing letters.

I’ve been going to contra dances, as often as I can, for years. Mostly simple dances. Easy swings and do-si-does with new dancers. All of a sudden though, at RPDLW, I was thrown off the deep end. I wasn’t alone. There was no chance of drowning. I was whirled through the Moneymusk, taught the Chorus Jig by heart, guided at every corner by hands that did not resent my wrong turns, but accepted my attempts and taught me how to swim. = Katie Allman, Musician

“I had a most incredible time… truly awesome.

[I liked] Being exposed to so many different dances and ways of dancing. A VERY unique experience in the weekend format that I think is extremely valuable for callers to learn more (and for dancers :)).” – Emily Addison, Caller