Information for Performers

Thursday Contra Dances at The Concord Scout House

Thanks again for being a part of NEFFA’s Thursday contra series in Concord. Those of you who are band contacts are responsible for sharing this information with your group. To see a copy of the current schedule, click here.


Concord Scout House, 74 Walden Street, Concord, MA

There are three performer parking spaces down the drive to the right of the front door (the left space is for the sound tech). Please park tightly so that three cars can get in. Note: The side entrance near the church is not to be used for equipment loading due to tracked-in debris damaging the floor finish.

Special Information For Callers 

Please read our caller guidelines at

Set Up And Sound

We have an assigned Dance Manager who will introduce themselves upon your arrival. Feel free to communicate with them during the evening.

You have some options for handling sound for your evening, but generally Dereck Kalish provides the sound:

  • Dereck Kalish ( provides his own equipment, which includes a Berhinger XR16 digital mixer, and all-RCF speakers: four monitors, two mains, and a subwoofer.
  • When Dereck isn’t available, we have other sound technicians on call. Most likely they will be using our house system, augmented by their own equipment. The house system includes provides a QSC Touch-mix 16 channel board. We have three powered monitor speakers (two FBT Jolly 8ba’s and one Behringer Eurolive B208D). In addition, we could hook up one or two passive EV 100S as additional monitors, if needed. All monitors have independent mixes. The house speakers are older, but well-maintained 2-way speakers with 15″ woofers.
  • Provide sound yourself. We give you an additional $75 if you provide sound yourself. Our experience is that unless you provide a full-time person to monitor sound, the quality of the resulting sound is usually below average.

In any instance where we do not control the sound, we may make suggestions to the sound engineer with respect to the mix and volume.

Please let Dereck or your other sound tech know if you have special sound requirements.

A few days before the dance, you’ll get a reminder from Dan robot about the upcoming event, as well as an invitation to provide (via a webpage) an inventory of sound equipment needs for your group. Please have the appropriate member of your group respond to that request, as it makes for a more relaxing setup (especially if the band’s arrival is delayed).


The sound check should be completed by 7:30 PM, so we can start on time. The first half ends with a waltz somewhere around 9:00. The break lasts about 15 minutes; it’s up to the band, in communication with the caller, to get things started again. Dancers expect a hambo or other couple dance; ask a committee member for guidance on this if you have questions. The last waltz should end by 10:30 PM; we must clear the building promptly after that.


We assume that all performers will be happy with an equal split. Our policy allows a caller who is teamed up with a musical group larger than a trio to request to be paid 1/4th the available performer money, with the band splitting the remaining 3/4 (in other words, a larger share for the caller). It is our experience that virtually all callers are happy with an equal split, but if you’d like a different arrangement, please notify our Dance Manager before the break that evening.

The available pay per person is a guarantee plus bonus (for sufficient attendance). The guarantee depends on the number of performers:

3 $130 per person
4 $120 per person
5 $110 per person
6 $100 per person
6+ Split $570 between the the number of performers.


Most performers either live within easy driving distance or have friends with whom they can stay. If you would like help in finding hospitality, please let Lisa Greenleaf know at least two weeks before your date.


If there is any question of a bad weather cancellation, or if any other problem presents itself, check in with Dereck Kalish or Lisa Greenleaf. In an emergency on the night of the dance, you can call Dereck (cell) 617-233-3005 or the Scout House kitchen phone 978-369-3455.

Committee Members

Please contact any of the following if you have any questions during the evening: Dereck Kalish (Chair), Lisa Greenleaf, Terry Huffaker, Matteo Paris, Dan Pearl, Sue Rosen, and Mac Sloan.