Your membership is important!

Members get significant discounts at all NEFFA events – all members get a discount on Festival tickets and on admissions to the Thursday Night dance series and the annual Ralph Page Weekend! Your membership in NEFFA is a vital part of supporting the joyful activities and community that we all cherish; join NEFFA and stand […]

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As we celebrate NEFFA’s 80th anniversary, we are taking some time to consider NEFFA’s role in the world of the folk arts and to plan for NEFFA’s future. We are interested in learning more about the NEFFA community—your experiences with NEFFA and its events, and what is important to each of you.  The survey below was developed

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Code of Conduct

The NEFFA Executive Board recently updated our Code of Conduct. Starting from our core values, it articulates the behavior we expect from participants in our programs, and for the first time establishes clear procedures for people to inform us about situations where we or other participants leave room for improvement. We also took the opportunity

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New Website for NEFFA is Now Live

In 2023, the NEFFA Webteam reviewed usage of the NEFFA website and learned that over half of our users access the site from their cellphones or other mobile devices. We also noted that the site had not been refreshed since well before the pandemic, and some of the under-the-hood components were becoming challenging to maintain

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