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P.O. Box 2789
Acton MA 01720
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Position Name Term Ends Add’l terms
President Janet Yeracaris 2023 0
Vice-President Robert Johnson 2022 1
Secretary Nancy Smith Worthen 2023
Treasurer Ralph Jones 2022
Directors McKinley James 2023 1
Lynn Noel 2023 1
Dana Sussman 2023 0
Liz Nelson 2023 0
Dayle Watts 2022 1
Paul Wilde 2022 1
Vacant 2022 0
Anna Stevens 2022 1
Jonathan Young 2022 0
Julie Metcalf 2023 0
Rich Sbardella 2024 0

Selected Festival Committees

Lynn Noel (program AT neffa DOT org)

Click here for Festival schedule and performers

volunteering AT neffa DOT org (You can get into the Festival for reduced admission [even free] if you volunteer)

Click here to volunteer

Please fill out the comment form NEFFA for small quantities of the Festival flyer or other printed information, or contact President AT neffa DOT org.
Inside Facilities
Harold Henry Handles contracts with the school, police, fire department, equipment rentals, setup and takedown.
All else
Use our comment form.

Standing Committee Chairs

Ralph Page Memorial Committee
This committee runs the Ralph Page New England Dance Legacy Weekend. Contact: tod DOT whittemore AT gmail DOT com.
Thursday Night Dance Committee
Dereck Kalish (dereckkalish AT gmail DOT com)
Grants Committee
Robert Johnson — Address: 272 Western Av., Sherborn, MA 01770 USA. (For grant-related inquiries)
Legal Advisor
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