New England Folk Festival Association

We have just received reports of folks receiving email, purportedly from NEFFA, asking for money. It's is a phishing attempt. It is scam. NEFFA is NOT soliciting funds thru e-mails. Nor are we endorsing any campaign from fundraising sites such as “Fundly”.

~Terry Huffaker, NEFFA President, 7/21/2018

Thank You for a Great Festival

Photos by Jeffrey Bary

New England Folk Festival Association

NEFFA is a volunteer-run, non-profit, cultural and educational organization

The NEFFA Festival

April 12-14, 2019

Thursday Contras

August 23 - Lisa Greenleaf and Polaris (Rose Jackson, Marta Bartholomew, Sam Zakon-Anderson, and Jesse Ball)

The Ralph Page Dance Weekend

January 18-20, 2019
Durham, NH