Thursday Contras


Photos by Doug Plummer

Location: The Concord Scout House, 74 Walden St., Concord, MA

7:30 PM-10:00 PMintroductory pre-dance workshop at 7:10pm. Doors open at 6:45.

NEW! As of September, we will be a mask-optional dance. Mask-wearing is always a respected option, but If you feel any symptoms, keep it safe and please stay home!  We will monitor local and state COVID numbers throughout the fall and winter, and will reintroduce precautions as necessary.

Admission: $10-15, sliding scale.

We have the talent!

  • Nov 2 Lisa Greenleaf and Red Case Band (Clara Stickney, Stuart Kenney, Max Newman, and Matt Kenney)
  • Nov 16 Steve Zakon-Anderson with Molly Tucker, Casey Murray, and Sam Zakon-Anderson
  • Dec 7 Julian Blechner and The Dead Sea Squirrels
  • Dec 21 Will Mentor and Stomp Rocket (Dave Langford, Glen Loper and Bethany Waickman)
  • Jan 4 Dereck Kalish and Red Case Band (Clara Stickney, Max Newman, Stuart Kenney, and Matt Kenney)
  • Jan 18 Sue Rosen with Julie Metcalf, Max Newman, and Dan Africk
  • Feb 1 Ben Sachs-Hamilton and Starling (Mo Brachfield and Jared Kirkpatrick)
  • Feb 15 Harris Lapiroff and Crossover (Carol Bittenson, Len Bittenson, and Alex Cumming)
  • Feb 29 Don Veino and The NOB (Neffa Open Band) Julie Metcalf, Director
  • Mar 7 Steve Zakon-Anderson and The Moving Violations (Van Kaynor, Ron Grosslein, and Eric Eid-Reiner)
  • Mar 21 Lisa Greenleaf with Alex Cumming, Max Newman, and Audrey Knuth Jaber – Alex is celebrating his CD release!
  • Apr 4 Will Mentor and Joy Factor (Henry Yoshimura, Rebecca Weiss, and Gianna Marzilli Ericson)
  • Apr 18 Pre-Festival Callers’ Showcase and Stomp Rocket (Dave Langford, Glen Loper, and Bethany Waickman) – Come dance to callers who are in town for the NEFFA Festival
  • May 2 Tony Parkes and Eloise and Co (Becky Tracy, Rachel Bell, and Bethany Waickman)
  • May 16 Julian Blechner and Kingfisher (Cecilia Vacanti and Jeff Kaufman)

We use Larks/Robins role terms.This dance is sponsored by NEFFA. We are a diverse community of friendly people who enjoy and promote the lively tradition of contra dance. Please read our code of conduct: Dance Etiquette and Safety.

Watch contra dance videos! Video #1 Video #2

We will cancel the dance if we feel that weather conditions would make for unsafe travel, or if community Covid levels become too high.

No animals (other than service animals) are allowed in the building.

Check the NEFFA homepage for weather-related notices

Dance History


Lost and Found – All Thursday Lost and Found items will be retained at the Concord Scout House for a period of time.

Bookings (contact Lisa Greenleaf laleaf AT gmail DAHT com)


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