Thursday Contras


Photos by Doug Plummer
Location: The Concord Scout House, 74 Walden St., Concord, MA
NEW! Introductory pre-dance workshop at 7:10pm
7:30pm-10:30pm -- $10 ($5 for people 22 and under)
Info: (617) 299-1590 (leave a message; we'll call back)
Please bring soft-soled shoes!

This dance is sponsored by NEFFA. We are a diverse community of friendly people who enjoy and promote the lively tradition of contra dance. Please read our code of conduct: Dance Etiquette and Safety.

Watch contra dance videos! Video #1 Video #2
We will cancel the dance if we feel that weather conditions would make for unsafe travel.
No animals (other than service animals) are allowed in the building.

Check the NEFFA homepage for weather-related notices

Dance History
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Lost and Found - All Thursday Lost and Found items will be retained at the Concord Scout House for a period of time.
Bookings (contact Lisa Greenleaf laleaf AT gmail DAHT com)

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2 Neffa Night with Thursday Committee Callers Dan, Dereck and Lisa, and The NOB (Neffa Open Band) Jeff Kaufman, leader
9 Dugan Murphy and Stomp Rocket (Dave Langford, Glen Loper and Bethany Waickman)
16 Dereck Kalish and Calluna (Eileen O’Grady, Gus Cantieni and Jesse Ball)
23 Elixir (Nils Fredland, Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Jesse Readlynn and Owen Morrison)
30 Linda Nelson and Center Street (Tim Ball, Rebecca Bosworth-Clemens, and Casey Murray)
6 Tony Parkes and The NOB (Neffa Open Band) Amy Larkin, leader, with Max Newman
13 Don Veino with Fleeting Moments (Eric Boodman, Emily Troll and Jon Cannon)
20 Steve Zakon-Anderson with Eric Eid-Reiner, Autumn Rose Lester and David Cantieni
27 Sarah VanNorstrand with Max Newman, Jesse Ball and Julie Metcalf
5 Rich Sbardella and The NOB (Neffa Open Band), Amy Larkin, leader, with Debby Knight
12 Ron Blechner and The Wetherbees ( Ben Wetherbee, Stuart Kenney and Jesse Ball)
19 Andrew Stout and Kingfisher (Cecilia Vacanti and Jeff Kaufman)
26 Sue Rosen with Julie Metcalf, Mark Roberts and Bruce Rosen

The NOB: Come make a big sound with the NEFFA open band!
Let’s fill the stage with musicians and the hall with music. All musicians and levels encouraged to come, and a NOB tunes list is available now Bring your own music stand. Please no percussion instruments or amplifiers.