Thursday Night Contras at the Scout House Code of Conduct

We are a diverse community of friendly people who enjoy and promote the lively tradition of contra dance. We aim to make this an inclusive, safe, and welcoming event, where everyone can feel comfortable regardless of age, appearance, gender, ability, and sexual orientation. Please talk with that evening’s Dance Manager or one of the committee members if you have any questions or concerns, or even compliments! You can also contact us at

New dancers:

  • WELCOME! And thank you for coming!
  • You may ask anyone to dance or anyone may ask you. Either of you can accept or politely refuse.
  • Ask experienced dancers to dance. You’ll meet new people and learn faster.
  • We encourage you to change partners with every dance. Dancing with different people throughout the evening is a valued tradition of contra dancing.
  • Laugh off mistakes – your own and others. 
  • We encourage comfortable eye contact. On moves like the swing and allemande, eye contact helps avoid dizziness. If it’s uncomfortable for you, look at a shoulder, ear or forehead.
  • Questions?  Ask experienced dancers or committee members. We want to help!
  • HAVE FUN! That’s what we are all here for.

Experienced dancers:

  • Dance with new folks, both beginners and visitors. Welcome them. They are vital to our community and our dance.
  • Pay it forward: Dance in all sets.
  • Ask people sitting out to dance.
  • During a dance, assist people by gesturing in a friendly manner. Verbal instructions can be confusing.


  • When you ask someone to dance, ask if they have a role preference (Lark or Robin).
  • Get consent for flourishes or for more energetic dancing, and take care of yourself:

o   “Do you like to twirl?” 

o   “Do you like to swing fast?”

o   “I’m dizzy.  Can we slow down?”

o   “My shoulder/wrist/hand hurts. Can we find an easier way to swing/allemande?”

  • If you have an injury, tell people verbally, or by wearing a brace, red bandana or badge.

Code of Conduct:

  • We expect ALL of our dancers to respect our culture of consent. All actions between attendees, on and off the dance floor, should be consensual. This goes for all genders. We all share the responsibility for a satisfying, safe, and successful dance. Please treat everyone with kindness and respect. 
  • We are an inclusive event. Comments about appearance or gender are unacceptable, as is behavior that threatens the safety and comfort of other dancers.
  • Please share discomforts or complaints with committee members. Talk with the Dance Manager at the dance, or email us at  


  • We are a fragrance free event. Please do not wear scented products.
  • Be aware of and respect the physical needs, skill level, and energy of your partners and neighbors.

The Thursday Night Contra Committee would like to thank those of you who contribute to our dance by welcoming new folks, dancing in different parts of the hall, and participating in set up and clean up.  We really appreciate your help!

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