NEFFA For Families

NEFFA is a family Festival!

Here’s what you need to know to plan and bring your kids and have fun for the whole family.

Family Events

Look for the F event code on the program grid or use this handy link for a list of all family events designed for you and your children to participate in together.

Family Activities Area

Join the family fun in the Trade Center during daytime hours. Open craft activities and craft workshops Saturday and Sunday, 10am-4pm, including clothespin dolls, weaving, coloring, fairy crowns, collage, and more. All welcome.

Shuttle Bus and Strollers

The shuttle bus that runs between the hotel and Trade Center is a relatively small vehicle. You would do well to use collapsible (umbrella) strollers for ease in stroller storage.

The Festival site is all on one level. It is a 5-7 minute walk from the hotel to the Trade Center.

Unlike Walt Disney World, there are no designated stroller parking areas. Try and find an out-of-the-way corner for storing your stroller.


Children must be supervised by a parent or designated guardian at all times. Unsupervised children will be brought to the Information Table to connect with their parent or guardian. Please report missing children to the Information Table for assistance.

Note that some of the folk music sessions may contain bawdy lyrics or “interesting” themes, especially during evening hours. Please see event descriptions for more information.

Food, Bathrooms, etc.

Check out the Festival Site page for the site map, and pick up a printed copy of the Festival map when you arrive.

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