Get a Lyft to the Festival for $15 Off

MBTA Commuter Rail’s closest approach to the Festival is Southborough and Framingham, both on the FRAMINGHAM/WORCESTER line. Once you get to the station, NEFFA has teamed up with Lyft to provide discounted rides to the Festival site.

The NEFFA discount code for 2024 is NEFFA24. Ahead of time, enter this in the Lyft app: Go to the ‘Payment’ tab from the app menu. Find the Lyft Pass section, then tap ‘Add Lyft Pass’ to add your code. Tap ‘Add Pass’ to finish. 

When you are taking an eligible ride, Lyft Pass will be applied automatically.

You may want to use the Lyft reservation feature to reduce waiting times.

Remember, the pass can only be used at the Festival site, the Southborough and Framingham commuter rail stations, or the Framingham Logan Express terminal. The pass is valid between the Thursday before the Festival and the Monday after the Festival.
Details about using a Lyft Pass are here on the Lyft website.

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