Thanks for a Great Festival

Whew – we did it again! I hope everyone had a great time! Please fill out our evaluation form (available online here: ) – we need to know what worked for you, as well as what needs improvement. Also, if you haven’t completed our 80th Survey yet, please do. We are excited to learn more about who is part of the NEFFA world, what you think about NEFFA, and what you would like to see in the future – for the Festival, other programs, and the organization in general. Here’s that link:

It truly takes a village to raise the magical Brigadoon that is the New England Folk Festival.  We are so grateful for the time, talent, effort, and enthusiasm shown by all our attendees. Special thanks to all our performers, volunteers, vendors, directors and officers, members and donors who gave so generously to make this event possible.

The fun doesn’t have to stop! You can participate in local events all year long – or make your own by hiring a caller or band? Or perhaps you forgot to buy something from the Marketplace? You can find contact information for NEFFA performers and vendors in the Program Book. Program Books from this year and previous years are available online:

Save the date for next year – April 25-27, 2025!

Jonathan Young, NEFFA President

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