Festival Food and Drink

The hotel offers a breakfast area and a restaurant-style buffet, as well as a full bar. There will be food trucks and hotel concessions at the Trade Center. Festival food includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

We regret that we are no longer able to support the community ethnic food vendors from past Festivals at this new venue.

2023 Food Options

These were the food options available at the 2023 Festival. As the event nears (usually in early April), this page will be updated with 2024 details.

NEFFA 2023 Food Trucks @ Royal Plaza Trade Center (Saturday & Sunday)

  • Trolley Dogs – also on Friday!
  • Uncle Joey’s Cannoli – inside the Trade Center
  • Travelin’ Bones
  • Bubbe’s Blintzes
  • Off the Hook Roadside Eatery
  • Fired Up Pizza – Sunday

NEFFA 2023 Food at the Best Western Hotel (all weekend)

  • All-Star Bar & Grill
  • Zachary’s Restaurant – Breakfast buffet
  • Hotel concessions providing food all day & evening
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