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February 9 Update: Hotel rooms at the Best Western Royal Plaza are fully booked at this point. Rooms may appear from time to time (if someone cancels a reservation) up to the March 18 deadline, when our group rate expires. So it’s worth having a look at the Best Western link below, if you prefer to stay there, but you’d have to get lucky. An additional block of hotel rooms is available at the Hampton Inn, which is less than a quarter of a mile away. It is more expensive than the Best Western, but they are offering us a discounted room rate from their usual retail rate. 

Bookings can be made through a link for the NEFFA group rate here: Hampton Inn (will open in a new tab).
If you prefer, you may call the hotel directly, at 508-787-9888‬ to make a booking. Be sure to ask for the NEFFA group rate. 

If you have problems or questions, contact janet@neffa.org.

NEFFA once again has a special room rate at the Royal Plaza Best Western Hotel for the Festival weekend. Please book all rooms online using only the link below. Please do not call the Hotel directly or use other hotel booking services.

Read the information below carefully for important details. 

Important notes for booking using the NEFFA rate at Best Western:

  • A two-night minimum is required for bookings during the Festival weekend.
    • The Festival runs Friday to Sunday, 4/19/24 to 4/21/24, so checking in on Friday and checking out on Sunday will work for most people.
    • We encourage you to consider booking into Monday, 4/22/23. Hotel Room Checkout is at 11:00 AM, so if you are departing Sunday, you will need to scramble to be out of your room while the Festival is still going on. Even if you don’t actually stay until Monday morning, you can enjoy the Festival and have a leisurely time getting out of your hotel room later Sunday night. 
  • Our event booking rate expires on March 18, 2024. After that date, any available rooms can be booked at whatever the current “market rate” is. We can pretty well guarantee that rates will be higher than our room rate after this date.
  • Please be aware that NEFFA’s rental costs for using the Hotel space are tethered to the number of room nights booked at the Hotel.
    • Please use only our link to book rooms at the Hotel for that weekend. This gets you the best rate, and it also gives NEFFA “credit” for booking the room.
    • NEFFA will not get credit in our tally for any rooms booked after March 18, when our event rate expires.  
    • Reservations can be canceled without penalty up to 72 hours ahead of the start time of the reservation; otherwise, the cancellation fee is two nights’ room charge plus tax.
    • Bookings that are canceled after the March 18 cutoff will not count in NEFFA’s room tally. Please do not book extra rooms, planning to cancel them at the last minute if you don’t need them. This hurts NEFFA’s finances. 
  • We are trying to arrange for a “quiet” area of the Hotel, but no guarantees. If you’re interested in being in what may be a more quiet area of the Hotel at night, add a note to the “comments/special requests” section when you do your booking. The Hotel will do their best to accommodate these requests and group these people together.
  • If you have problems or questions, contact janet@neffa.org for help.

Instructions for booking a room:

These instructions may seem ridiculously detailed, but there are a few tricks to making this a smooth process. Please do read the instructions.

  • Click on this booking link: https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotel-rooms.22024.html?groupId=P49ZX7F7. Note that this link will open a new tab/window in your browser, and you may need to go back and forth to follow the instructions below as you make your reservation.
  • Many critical details of the booking appear in a small banner at the top of the page. Review and edit these, as the defaults probably do not match what you want. (It’s very easy to accidentally book a room for an entire week!)
    • At the top of the booking page, click the “edit” button at the right side to adjust the details of your booking. (A small dropdown window inviting you to log in may hide the “edit” button; click anywhere nearby, and the dropdown will disappear.)
    • Select your desired check-in and check-out dates (the default is 7 days, all the available dates for this rate).
    • Choose your occupancy (how many people will be in the room).
    • Click the yellow “update” button when you’re done, and the details will update at the top of the page. (If you don’t click “update,” the booking will revert to the default settings.)
  • Scroll down to see available styles of rooms at our group rate, $119/night.
    • Note that for occupancy by 3 adults, the rate is $129, and for four adults, the rate is $139. Please do not plan to put more adults in a room than the listed occupancy. 
    • Suites are available at a higher rate, as listed.
  • Once you have chosen a room, you have the option to create an account or to log in. It is not required that you create an account, although it is easier to manage or cancel a booking if you do.
    • If you already have a Best Western account, log in before completing your reservation. 
    • If you wish to create an account and don’t already have one, click the “Yes…” button under “Join Best Western Rewards.”
    • If you want to check out as a “guest,” click the “No thanks…” button under “Join Best Western Rewards.”
  • Fill out the required Contact and Credit Card information. (If you are creating an account, you will be prompted for a password.)
  • Review the cancellation and hotel policies and click the button acknowledging acceptance of them.
  • Click “Make Reservation” at the bottom of the page to finish, and you will receive an email confirmation from Best Western. Note that this may be the only communication you receive from Best Western, so keep track of that email!
  • If you want reminders about room bookings from NEFFA, please fill out the form below. We would be happy to be able to communicate with you directly about room reservations!

If You Want Reminders About Room Bookings:

The Best Western Hotel does not reliably send out reminders about room bookings, but we at NEFFA will be sending reminders as our booking rate closes (March 18) and as the Festival approaches. If you book a room and want to be on NEFFA’s list to be reminded as key dates come up, please click on the button below and fill out the simple form so we’ll be able to contact you. We promise this list will be used only for hotel room communications. 

Sign up for hotel reservation reminders
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