Festival Schedule

2024 Schedule

Choose Your Grid Views

The NEFFA Schedule is viewable in different formats. Use this page to get to any of the views.

2024 Mobile Schedule

We have a mobile schedule at mobile.neffa.org! Available for web, phone, and tablet, you can search, select, and save events to build a personalized schedule for your own NEFFA experience.


2024 One-Page Grid

This depicts each day on one page. It is probably too large to print on most devices, but it is great for browsing.

Friday – Saturday – Sunday

2024 Day List

This is more like a printed TV schedule, where each time lists events that are starting in each hall (channel). Eminently printable.

Friday – Saturday – Sunday

2024 Event Catalog

An alphabetical list of events with their full descriptions. Great for browsing. Printable!

Event Catalog

2024 Downloadable Grid

Download this file into your spreadsheet program. Data is in tab-delimited fields. Enjoy!

Data Table

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