Ted’s Funeral

The fiddle and guitar music started playing in the back of the church shortly after 1 o’clock. The assembled family and guests were in the pews waiting for the service to begin…. (Continue Reading »)

The Balance

Dudley Laufman – December 1997 Articles have been written on the Dreaded Ladies Chain (Re: injured wrists), What Makes a Good Dancer, and, The Look, Ralph Sweet’s great piece. Now it is… (Continue Reading »)

NEFFA History

This is the text of “The History of the New England Folk Festival 1944-1994” published by NEFFA during for its 50th Anniversary Festival. It was edited by Tony Parkes, and was based… (Continue Reading »)

The Bahn Dance

Dudley Laufman – August 1998 If a modern urban contra dance were held in a barn, would it be called a barn dance? I doubt it. If a modern western square dance… (Continue Reading »)

Set Management

Larry Jennings This is one of a group of essays which examine various actions and attitudes which may influence the future of the New England contradancing I love so well. I unabashedly… (Continue Reading »)

Dancing on College Campuses

Notes from a NEFFA 2002 discussion led by Jenny Beer and Joanna Reiner Why start a dance group on a college campus? Dancing is social, athletic, non-competitive, and participatory–not many other activities… (Continue Reading »)