Hotel update

The Royal Plaza Best Western Hotel rooms for NEFFA booked up quickly, and they have been sold out for several weeks now. Our event room rate expires at the Royal Plaza on March 18, and after that date, if someone cancels a room, even if it is rebooked (at whatever the current “market rate” is—certainly more expensive), NEFFA will not get “credit” for that reservation in our room block. We want the Hotel as full of NEFFA folks as possible, so please consider the following:

If you have booked a room at the Royal Plaza Best Western for NEFFA, and your plans have changed, so that you know you won’t need a room, please cancel your reservation now, so that someone else can book the room at NEFFA’s group rate before March 18

If you want to book a room at the Hotel, keep an eye on the link on the Festival Lodging page on NEFFA’s website (, and you might get lucky and catch a room someone cancels. (We do not have an official waiting list, nor does the Hotel.)

If you find you need to cancel a reservation after March 18, if you have friends who can use the room, reservations are transferrable, so please pass the reservation along if you can, rather than canceling. (Once it’s canceled, it does not count in our block, even if someone rebooks it.) Or if you’re willing to transfer the reservation but don’t know anyone who wants it, please contact, and we’ll work something out. 

There are still rooms available at the nearby Hampton Inn. Rooms are more expensive than at the Royal Plaza, but it is very convenient. More information is on our Festival Lodging page (, but act quickly, as that group rate expires March 19. 

If you have any questions, contact 

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