Plan Your Arrival at the Festival

Q: Is there designated parking for performers/volunteers/accessibility?

A: There is plenty of parking, so there is no need for designated parking for performers or volunteers. Accessible parking (placards only) is marked at both the Hotel and Trade Center.

Q: Can I get tickets at the Trade Center?

A: No. Proceed to the hotel and use the Festival entrance to the side of the hotel, not the hotel main entrance. There will be no check-in at the Trade Center, only at the hotel.

Q: Will there be tickets available at the door?

A: Yes. The Festival has a large venue and we do not expect to sell out.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: NEFFA accepts cashless payments for tickets, membership, donations and performer sales.  Credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are all supported, as well as cash and checks.

Q: How early can we be there to get tickets?

A: Doors open one hour before the program starts. See for opening hours.

Q: I’m all checked in at the hotel and ready to pick up my tickets. What now?

A: Please wait until Festival doors open to pick up tickets. Make sure to clear the hallways for other arrivals. If you have luggage, please take it to your room so it does not block walkways. Thanks.

Q: Where do we go to pick up tickets? 

A: Review the site map so you know where your check-in station is (Tickets, Volunteers, Performers). 

Q: Can I use the hotel main entrance?

A: Avoid the hotel main entrance as it can get quite crowded with hotel guests checking in, especially on Friday. Use the Festival entrance to the side of the hotel for the quickest entry to Festival areas.

Q: Where are the performance areas located? 

A: Review the site map and the Festival Schedule to identify what you want to see and where to go.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. Can you help?

A: The NEFFA Information Table will be happy to answer any questions about the Festival.

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